30-second sermon

Great is the Turning
Because it brings sauce to the world

I mean the perfect red sauce
the superiority of red to white sauce
(white sauce an inherently flawed concept)
the perfect red sauce
that elevation of the lowly tomato to holy consequence
the interpenetration of spices, herbs, flavors, tomatoes
the sauce the identity of its ingredients but the ingredients not
the identity of the sauce –
as if there is something that makes it sauce that is larger
more consequential than its constituent ingredients.

The perfect red sauce, when it’s made right,
you cannot pick out the individual tastes,
unless it’s a wrong sauce
then you know there’s too much basil
or it’s too heavy with oregano, or bay leaf, too sweet,
or too olive oily
but when the sauce is right
it’s a perfect blend
and it just is, not this or that
it just is
the perfect red sauce.

It is many and it is one
many ingredients one perfect taste
not a combination of independent tastes
but one glorious irrefractable, irreducible taste.

The perfect red sauce.

jsg, usa

What you Can Learn from a Marching Band

What you Can Learn From a Marching Band

You might learn to be a woman warrior
You could learn some crafty little dance moves
You could shake a trumpet
You could reflect the light of the sun in a trombone
You can reflect the light;

You can throw your sticks up into the air
You could throw them so high
They don’t come down;

You could learn to make a mighty sound
You could do the snake walk
And blow a bone flute at the same time;

You could learn when to lay out;

You could learn not to make excuses
Learn to practice
Work hard be prepared
Trust in God;

You could learn how to shine your shoes
How to tie your tie
How to make sure your leggings stay free of shoe polish;

You can learn how to flip a flag up into the air;

You could learn to march
To sing while you march
To jam the march
Dance and march;

When you’re tired out —
You could march;
You could learn to be tired and march
To be done
And march;

You could learn to march
March anyway;

Then you could teach march;

Give it over to your students
What it felt like when you learned it;

When you learned it and what it felt like
The day you did something
You didn’t learn;

What that felt like

What that felt like

What it ratta-tat-tat felt like.

jsg, usa
monday, january 21, 2013
inaugural parade