Kohelet, chap. 10

Chapter 10

Putrid dying flies
Corrupt the perfumer’s oil
A little foolishness corrupts honor:

The heart of the wise on the right
The heart of a fool on the left:

Stay firm
I saw some evil under the sun
Some error anyway:

Slaves on horses
Princes walking like slaves
Rich sitting in low places
Stay your place:

Your land is fortunate with good rulers
(They eat and drink at the right time):

Be careful what you say
The birds of heaven carry your voice
You may be betrayed by winged creatures:

jsg, usa

Kohelet, chapter 9

Chapter 9

All this I laid into my heart and to clarify
Everything is in G*d’s hand
Love, hate, what we don’t know, everything:

Everything comes to them as it comes
One standard
For the pure the unclean
One who gives one who doesn’t give
The sinner the non-sinner:

So there is madness
And wickedness
Great evil done under the sun
One Matter
Then we go to the dead:

Alive there is hope
We know we are going to die:

Love hate all under the sun
Eat joyfully drink
G*d has you already:

Wear white
Anoint your head with oil:

Enjoy your life with someone
All the days of your life of penumbra
G*d has given you under the sun:

For that is your portion
You toil under the sun

If you have the strength to do
Do it
You’re not taking it to the grave:

I returned and saw under the sun
The race does not belong to the quickest
The conflicts to the strong
The wise don’t eat better
They don’t get rich
The rich are nimcompoops
Time and fate overcome them all:

A person does not know when —
A fish caught in a net
A bird in a snare
Death falls upon us:

I have seen wisdom under the sun
And it seemed large to me:

There was a small city
And Few people in it
A great King came upon it and
Surrounded it
And built great walls:

And there was found a poor wise man
And he saved the city through his wisdom
But he was forgotten:

And I said,
Wisdom is better than big shot-itis
but the wisdom of the poor
Is despised and not heard:

The words of the wise are heard
When spoken

Wisdom is better than weapons
And one dummy destroys
Much good.

jsg, usa

Kohelet, chaps. 7 and 8

Chapter 7

Better than anything a good name
Get familiar with the house of mourning
Laugh into your seriousness:

Let someone smart take you down
Better than the love of fools;

Fools’ words —
A breath:

The ends better than beginnings

Learn to avoid anger
You become a fool:

The days of old
No better than these:

Wisdom is good when connected
Toward the sun:

Wisdom means life
G*d’s work is good
You might not straighten out the crooked
You straighten out yourself:

In G*d’s eyes
A day of good
A day of adversity
The same:

After Me
What will you find?

I have seen everything in these days of a breath
Righteous perish
Evil prosper:

Don’t be so righteous
Think it through and
Let G*d be G*d:

Wisdom gives strength to the wise
More than all the big shots
And you’re not such a big shot yourself:

What was is far away
Laid deep
Who can find it?

I look with my heart
I have found with my heart
Said Kohelet
Add one to another:

What my soul sought —
A man
A woman;

I found
I did not find:

G*d made me straight
With crookedness:

Chapter 8

Who knows the meaning of a thing
Wisdom lights up your face:

I am ready
Give me the commandment of the King concerning
The oath of G*d:

Stand in front of G*d
Don’t say anything:

Know time and justice
You have no notion of what will be:

I saw all this
I gave myself to the work under the sun:

I saw them all come and go
They will be forgotten in the city
This too is a breath:

There is a breath on the earth
Good suffer Wicked prosper
I say, this too is a breath:

I raise joy
There is nothing better under the sun
Eat drink be merry
To Be accompanied all the days G*d has given
Under the sun:

I won’t find it
The deed done under the sun
What it means
What a wise person claims to know —
I can’t find it:

jsg, usa

Kohelet, chapters 4, 5, 6

Chapter 4

I returned and saw them
Suffering under the sun
Without consolation:

I praised the dead
More than the living;

And the future
Praised them too
Before pessimism:

I saw the foolishness of all our work
And envy
Un-such and frustration:

We are consuming ourselves
I returned and saw

More un-such
One somebody else
Is better than none:

If you fall
Fall up

If you fall down
Lift someone up:

I saw all the living who walk under the
Sun; no end to the people I saw —

All un-such and frustration:

Clean off your feet when you enter the House of G*d
At least you came:

Chapter 5

Keep your mouth shut
The voice of fools full of words
Better not to speak at all

Than to promise and not fulfill
You have dreams
Full of un-such:

Just love G*d
And fight the good fight
There’s what to do:

I have seen some evil under the sun;

You leave the way you came in
Be with someone
Get out of the dark and lose that face:

I saw some good
And beauty
When hungry eat
When thirsty drink:

Enjoy the days you have been given
It’s a gift from G*d:

Your days are few
G*d Is:

Chapter 6

I have seen an evil under the sun
A sickness to the soul:

A person of good circumstances
Never satisfied
Comes in with un-such
Goes out in darkness:

A person who knows darkness
Misses the sun
Darkness covers everything:

The pleasures we work for —

What is wisdom?
Better that a person sees
Un-such and frustration increases —

Dog us under the sun
What is good –
Who knows?

We are followed by shadows
And who knows the future —
Under the sun:

jsg, usa

Kohelet, chapter 3

Chapter 3

Every time
A season
A Thing under heaven:

A time to dance a time to pinch
A time to tent a time not to tent
A time to wear beads a time to wear cravats
A time to carry a cane

A time to eat pizza
A time for silence

A time to drink water and to change your shoes

A time to watch an F-15 take off
A time to watch one land

A time to build tonka toys

Something learned at 60
Missed at 20

A time to walk backwards

A time for Source
A time for derivatives

A time for singing and
A time for singing

A time for sweets
And teas from the mountains
Fredericks from Hollywood

I saw G*d
Who made everything

Made human being beautiful
And effortlessly

Always empty
There is nothing better than

I saw good and not-good
And I said:

It’s not my business how G*d
Wants the world

Who knows the heart of another?
What I think of you is
None of your business

What you think of me –
None of my business

And there is nothing more
Than happiness

jsg, usa

Kohelet, chapter 2

Chapter 2

I got high
That too un-such

Everything mixed up
Laughing crying:

So I got high
I met my problem:
Me —

I made

I became big
Everywhere I went:


Un-such everywhere;

G*d everywhere

jsg, usa

Kohelet, chapter 1

Kohelet, chapter 1

Son of David King of Jerusalem

everything is Un-such —

he threw a mask concealing his face
onto the stone wall:

There is this Wall
There is un-such that passes
And there is this wall:

The sun makes its way home
Everything Yearns for home:

The rivers to the sea
Everything with its locus —

Nothing new:

Is this new —
Same un-such.

A lot to learn
I go to the woodshed.

jsg, usa

Thanks Be To God

Thanks be to God for God is good.

Let the soft touch hand drummers say
God’s goodness endures forever

Let the finger style stringists say
God is the tonic and the passing note
God’s goodness endures forever

Let the loofa-loving spa dogs say
God’s goodness goes on and on
rock steady forever

Thanks be to God for God is the greatest
God’s goodness goes on and on

Let those who bandage the lepers say
God’s goodness endures forever

Let the horn players say
God is the greatest the best
For God swings forever

Let the oud masters say
Peace is the engine of beauty
God plays the modes forever

Thanks be to God for you
For your hair complements your face
God is the greatest