Gate of Compassion


Shaar HaRachamim/Gate of Compassion

It’s two gates
The gate of compassion next to the gate of teshuvah*
Teshuvah a turning-return-response
Both gates are bricked up
If we open onto teshuvah*
We might push through the gate of compassion
We might have to open it up that way.

With Rav that’s the way to open the gates
Everyone will have to make the Changes
With Sam
We will have to stand in our suffering
Cry the world well
I’m crying every day all day
In the silent inner way I have cultivated.

The gate of teshuvah* is on the north side
Where the wind blew
Through David’s singing harp
In the palace of the King.

Make the Changes delight in the north wind
When the north wind is slight.

Standing with my beloveds
At the Gate of Compassion
Shaar HaRachamim
Bricked up since the 15th century
We’re fixing to storm that gate –

Make the changes
Sing it open
Swing it open
Weep it open.


A northern wind blew on David’s harp and it played
— BT Berakhot 3b
The northern wind Ruach HaTzeFoNit is the ruach haTzaFuN (the hidden spirit) in a person’s heart – this is the ruach/wind/spirit of life.
— R. Nachman, Likkutei Moharan, #8
Tzafon [North] is lacking
— BT Baba Batra 25b

Rav said, all the ends have passed, and the matter depends only on teshuvah* and good deeds.

But Shmuel says, it is enough for the mourner to stand in mourning.
– BT Sanhedrin 97b