Hidden And Full


— Couple watching lunar eclipse, Brooklyn, NY. Photo Todd Weinstein

Hidden to Full

Make a tekia on the moon with the shofar
when it [the moon] is hidden/bakesse
toward the day of our chag [full moon Sukkot] — Psalm 81:4

The moon is the image
growth arc this time of year.

Begin with Rosh Hashanah
new moon of Tishrei
barely discerned –
we draw down
every Rosh Hashanah
something entirely new.

hidden on Rosh Hashanah
until Sukkot moon
fully plumped —

Supernal Mother
the higher light
drawn down.

When the moon is full
tell me what you’ve learned
this year* how you’ve learned.


*5776 super moon lunar eclipse


The verse is re-figured, I think the holy Zohar reads it this way. Bakesse the word here it is taken to mean hidden, like the new moon. [ed. Through the agency of teshuvah and sound of the shofar does the moon shine and it does not shine until the tenth day]. The tenth day is Yom Kippur. On that day the Supernal Mother gives its light to the moon. Yom Kippurim (pl.) two lights illuminating, the higher lighting up the lower. The higher spiritual light, the Supernal mother, not the sun. – Maxwell

The moon is the growth-image. On the new moon, what is new that is drawn into the world remains hidden (like the moon). By Yom Kippur, what I am learning begins to articulate, on Yom Kippur it is revealed in the higher realms. On the full moon of Sukkot, it is at the level of makif, a kind of surrounding wisdom but not internalized, not digested so to speak. Only at the end, the eighth day, Shmini Atzeres, does it enter the inner realm, penimi, it burrows itself into my kishkes. I heard this from my Grandfather of blessed memory who brought it down from the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe I think. – Perle

It’s the light and soul of the whole year! This is how the light is drawn down from Ein Sof to ignite the other worlds. – Billie

For me it hangs on the preposition – l’yom in the Psalm verse – the sense of movement toward the holiday, that sense of awareness plumping with the moon, from hidden to revealed. – Gracie

Where did you learn this? – Fred

A northern wind came and blew through David’s singing harp in the palace of the King. – ed.

Sweet. — Fred