Want Some America?

target lot 2

We marched to the County Government Center. In addition to the Prosecutor’s office the jailhouse is there. I do a prison project and visit the jailhouse right there every Wednesday afternoon. I couldn’t go today. They closed it up to outsiders today because of the protests. I couldn’t get in. There I was on the street right under the side with the obscured windows. I know the prisoners are up there.

That’s another side of this story. Up above us as we stood hollering on the street are the forgotten ones who have fallen out of the system entirely hidden away behind those windows. I’m down below thinking about them up above wondering if they’re watching us. Hey there’s the rabbi! He’s preaching!

Well I wasn’t preaching I was praying for peace. Up above the angels behind the windows took my prayers and relayed them to heaven. People think there’s a hardening of the hearts out here, they should only know what happens up there.

Several days after a man waving a knife was shot four miles from Ferguson, inside the city limits. The mayor of the city of St. Louis sent an aide to the site where it went down and the young men hanging around there said: we need some jobs.

So they offered job training and signed up a bunch of young men. I’m going to take this as a sign of things to come, a clue that something good can come out of this terrible chapter.

It’s a story of race and class. Race and class. We need a job. We need a living wage. We need to be known. We need to be listened to, we need to be heard. We need to be treated with respect. We are America too, one America, hey we want some America too.

a year later