For Zalman at 89

The Kabbalah of Age
At Eighty Nine*

For Zalman

*[Eighty is pei, Nine is tet]

Pei is mouth
Pei follows ayin, 70, the eye,
The Kabbalistics of Sage-ing.

The mouth follows the eye
at eighty we have earned with watchfulness
the words we parse the world.

The pei eighty oral Torah
illimitable wisdom
we are Oral Torah
we are commentary on the text of G*dliness.

Tet is nine
nine months of gestation
giving birth to something — New.

Articulate the hidden
from G*d’s mouth to the future
the power of speech
the thirty two paths of wisdom
twenty two letters plus ten energies.

Blessed is the One who spoke
and the world came into Being —

also blessed the quiet and sure
need not be spoken.

jsg, usa