Wedding Blessing from the Iowa Ceremonies

Wedding Blessing
For the Iowa Ceremonies

You look at each other and say
I love you
When you are sick I love you
I will care for you
When I make decisions
You cannot make
I love you
When you will need me
I love you
I might need you in the same way
I love you.

We will share a house
A family
I love you
I love you
When we are old
I love you.

Why marriage?

I love you
Why not marriage —

Maybe children
And a home together
Why not marry?

Family and children and marriage
And pancakes
I love you
Every day
We will marry each other.

I will be holy to you
You will be holy to me
All the minutes of our lives.

We will make toast for each other
Why marriage?
I love you,

Pancakes and toast
Children and a home

Why not marriage?

We can be entirely happy
As lovers and friends —

Like the first creations
In the garden of Eden
In the beginning.