Moving Through

The Death of Miryam

We came to the death of Miryam
how she died by the kiss of G*d;

G*d inhaled her soul so to speak
Moses and Aaron and Miryam
with a kiss.

Inhaled into G*d’s breath through the Divine kiss
n’shikat Hashem
sensual death
from G*d’s perspective they were taken like a sweetheart.

What can we make now of the frustrations of their lives
or our lives for that matter?
At the end to have been loved into death this way —

G*d exhaled soul into Adam [Gen.2:7]
G*d inhaled Miryam’s soul.

What’s not integrated, what’s left undone in the story now
from G*d’s perspective –

How could they have passed with more intimacy and gentleness
than with this holy kiss
returned to one being with G*d?

Death of Miryam on the heels
of the mystery rule of the guidebook —
mystery paradox of the ritual of purification
the very preparation defiles;

Followed by the death of Miryam
the removal of the well that followed us
forty years Wilderness wandering;

As she was inhaled into the mouth of G*d
how to mourn sustenance now?
The water that followed us
the well that accompanied us —
And the Wilderness.

We are moving over the threshold without sustenance
with intimacy
with sensuality
the symmetry of the stories that settle —

Intimacy sensually

They may converge
they may not —

Recoverable wisdom
a future
at night you understand them you do.

The elders all of them
they may return to us someday

assisting assisting

so we remember them —

Sustaining like Miryam’s well of water
like the water
like Miryam herself.

jsg, usa

O holy Shabbes Chukkat
Maqam Hoseini
D [1/2] E flat [1] F [1] G

Every portion has a musical figure,
A maqam
Arabic cognate to maqom
Signifying Place.