Send Somebody

Send Somebody, part 1

Send him send him send me —

From the narrows I call G-d
G-d answers me with expansiveness —

What did two know
that another ten did not?

Twelve are sent out
Was it safe?
I don’t know.

The other ten were certain
There are giants in the Land –
Scared the hell out of us.

One took a side trip
he went to Hevron
prayed on the graves of his ancestors
and from that drew strength
to be optimistic —
He told his friend.

Now we are optimists, they said
to no one in particular
[but I was there]
What’s an optimist? I asked.

One who fails with enthusiasm
all my negativity flew away.

I told my children this
and instructed them to tell their children
etcetera etcetera —
far into the future
until there came a generation
that spoke only dark words.

Send Somebody, part 2

In the generation of dark words
we started over —
it was not unexpected
but we didn’t prepare enough
to avoid it entirely.

[I didn’t intend to tell a sad story just now
I didn’t intend to tell a sad story]

Later two more were sent out
a lady stuck her head outside the second floor window —
What’re you boys looking for?
The Land fool. . .
It’s yours, the hearts of all the people
have melted.

The story concludes with the mystery blue
within the fringes on our garments —
a thread of blue
[to look and remember]
the blue came up once every seventy years —
until recently.
Nowadays I carry it around in my bag.

A minority story saves us
a thread of blue reminds us now and again
of the essential:

There were twelve
ten of them were full of **it
one of them laid flat down on the graves of the ancestors
got strong there
brought another one in —

From the future
we prefer
the minority report
it’s true.

jsg, usa

Maqam* Hijaz D [1/2] E-flat [1 1/2] F# [1/2] G

*a maqam is a musical figure, a partial scale,
a modal form, cognate of the Hebrew Makom, signifying place.
Each Shabbat has a maqam associated with it.