Vayakhel small alef; poetry

Begin with holiness in time
keep the Sabbath
turn to subduing the space
build the sanctuary.

And everyone who excelled in ability
and everyone whose spirit moved
came, bringing to God an offering
for the work of the Tent of Meeting
and for all its service.

If we are lifted up
anything is possible —
there will be plenty of money
maybe too much.
There can be too much money.

Here —
at the beginning of the enterprise
we brought too much money.
The stuff we had was sufficient [Ex.36:7]
and our teacher asked us not to bring any more.

Always the temptation
when doing the work
to bring too much stuff.

Enough, our teacher said,
enough stuff
— bring bones and blood.

jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Vayakhel
Maqam Hoseini
D E-flat F G