This way and This Way; small alef poetry Ki Tissa

Sometimes I feel so
Separate —
ordinary and separate.

A few drop dead experiences, please —
in the midst of ordinariness
a reminder
what we are all about.

Raza d’oraita, secret.
This and This.
Radically And —
a child dying
an earthquake, plague, pestilence, suffering,
the appearance of spaces empty.

There is no place empty [Zohar]
We are radically And.
We know this mostly —
HaShem Is Elokeinu, Hashem only.

Mi-zeh u-mi-zeh [Ex. 32:15]
this and this
no that

no that at all.

jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Ki Tissa 2
Maqam Hijaz
D E-flat F# G