First of all, what does it Mean

First of all what does it mean what does it mean has to be asked by smarter people who are not satisfied with incremental fragmented responses, people who think in more comprehensive terms; it’s not only gun control or mental health services or sensitivity to perceived individual problems or the media it’s the culture it’s the culture it’s an us problem and an everything and everyone problem and we ought to call a manhattan project on social change at the grandest most integrative level. Violence is a symptom of severe social distress, that’s the single problem of Noah’s sorry generation. There are a dozen outrages we live with that continue because we are not grander larger thinkers who can take a step back and examine our personal and communal lives as totalities, our problems a poisonous hydra with multiple heads. The Herakles Project. We are so smart and so incremental.

Let’s find an image and a way of operating that is a different model; let’s not attack the problem, let’s sit and consider it, let’s make it our necessity to heal ourselves in a comprehensive way through the smartest people we have who will sit together and think act ourselves into solutions strategies a new wisdom, a new wisdom entirely.

jsg, usa