They Came Back From the Dead; Sleepless #7

They Came Back from Dead

They came back from dead
Three of them

Which three

Three of the greats.

Which one first?

What difference does that make?

One of them came first
One came second
One third.
Which ones.

They came together
All three of them
They were holding hands
And they all squeezed through the same doorway
In the sky.

No they didn’t.

My mother came back
She came back carrying a shopping bag
And she said this:

It’s the most awful
And you must stop.

She came from the other side
So everyone listened to her.

We believed her and she said it
Again and again:

War. Stop.

We expected Moses or Jesus or Mohammed
But it was my mother
I told it just as it happened.

jsg, usa
Sleepless Series #7