Sleepless #6

Jeremiah’s Plan for Peace

A new agreement
a starting over always
My teachings shall I place
in your deepest root –
in your hearts.

I will be G*d
you will be human beings
we will each live
up to our dream
of one another,

Certain knowledge
no one will blame
accuse or intimidate –
everyone will know Me,
from the littlest to the highest
starting now.

The past –
entirely forgiven.
I have forgotten it
we will cease calling it
it is now
– the future.

Who lights the fires of the future?
Who writes the stories?
The sun by day
The passing of the moon
the lights by night
who stirs up the Sea?

If you can measure heaven above
search out the earth below
– just as likely
I will abandon you.


jsg, usa

Behold, the days come says G*d
– Jeremiah 31:30 ff.

Sleeplessness Series #6