Sleepless #5


The Chiliasts are praying for the utter destruction of interlopers
they pray they arm they dispatch their rockets
when the war was brokered by the army of God
beyond the border.

Secret ascent hidden in descent
cockeyed optimism
pray for the redeemers
every day the saddest day of the year —

The holy man has miracle stories to tell
miracles are happening at every moment, he says.

The refugees say —
God has brought us home
God will protect us.

They walked across a continent to arrive here —
God must love us, they say,

And in one of the nicest towns this side of the border,
— see that guy bowed in the sun in Chassidic black?
He used to be the stage designer
for Frank Zappa.

jsg, usa
Sleepless Series #5