Inquiry Small Alef poetry 3

She Goes to Inquire

She goes to inquire of God; lidrosh – to inquire
second most important word in the Torah:
to explain explicate make up a story fill in the spaces —
the white fire.
First use.

She goes to inquire
at the beit ha-midrash (R)
the study hall of Shem and Ever quoting TY.*
She goes to the study center
where she finds me over a text.

She stepped out of the story
walks through a mirror
enters the inquiry of students
she comes to the Beit Midrash
where we are all sitting
all the time.

jsg, usa

Maqam* Mahour
*Every Shabbes characterized by maqam cognate to maqom
signifying place.

Mahour is used only twice, on Toldot and Balak.
Mahour means disappointed, or angered –
As in Esau and Balak are disappointed;
disappointment in place.
A higher pitched form of maqam Rast.

*Targum Yonatan