Small alef; poetry Bereshit

No Beginning No End

This is the beginning and the end
As if the linear does not apply
It’s a circle a cycle a spiral
We ascend with the ending of Deuteronomy
We begin Genesis
The end implies the beginning
By the beginning we are not naïve to the end.

Ouroboros, the self-devouring serpent
By Plato the first living being [Timaeus, 33]
Turn it and turn it
For everything is contained within

By Yochanan Ben Bag Bag [Avot 5:22]
Who knew the chambers of the Torah. [Tosefta Ketuvim 5:1]

There is a life force
A point existing within each thing
A sign of divine origin
When you attach to this point
You become partners in creation
It is generative. [Sefat Emet on Genesis]

Ha-chayot she-m’cha-yeh chol davar
The life force that enlivens every single thing
It gives life.

You who attach to it
Ha-adam ha-di-buk b’ne-ku-dah zeh
The human being becomes glued to this point.

When we meet
We are so bonded —

In the deepest place
No beginning no end —


jsg, usa

Maqam Rast C D E half-flat F (Rast on C)
Similar to the Arabic Ras
Hebrew Rosh
The beginning of Bereshit, Genesis Shmot Exodus
And Vayikra, Leviticus
(not always Bemidbar , Numbers
and never Devarim, Deuteronomy
the Shabbat of Vision, the Sabbath preceding Tisha B’Av, requiring Hijaz).