Kohelet, chapter 9

Chapter 9

All this I laid into my heart and to clarify
Everything is in G*d’s hand
Love, hate, what we don’t know, everything:

Everything comes to them as it comes
One standard
For the pure the unclean
One who gives one who doesn’t give
The sinner the non-sinner:

So there is madness
And wickedness
Great evil done under the sun
One Matter
Then we go to the dead:

Alive there is hope
We know we are going to die:

Love hate all under the sun
Eat joyfully drink
G*d has you already:

Wear white
Anoint your head with oil:

Enjoy your life with someone
All the days of your life of penumbra
G*d has given you under the sun:

For that is your portion
You toil under the sun

If you have the strength to do
Do it
You’re not taking it to the grave:

I returned and saw under the sun
The race does not belong to the quickest
The conflicts to the strong
The wise don’t eat better
They don’t get rich
The rich are nimcompoops
Time and fate overcome them all:

A person does not know when —
A fish caught in a net
A bird in a snare
Death falls upon us:

I have seen wisdom under the sun
And it seemed large to me:

There was a small city
And Few people in it
A great King came upon it and
Surrounded it
And built great walls:

And there was found a poor wise man
And he saved the city through his wisdom
But he was forgotten:

And I said,
Wisdom is better than big shot-itis
but the wisdom of the poor
Is despised and not heard:

The words of the wise are heard
When spoken

Wisdom is better than weapons
And one dummy destroys
Much good.

jsg, usa