Kohelet, chaps. 7 and 8

Chapter 7

Better than anything a good name
Get familiar with the house of mourning
Laugh into your seriousness:

Let someone smart take you down
Better than the love of fools;

Fools’ words —
A breath:

The ends better than beginnings

Learn to avoid anger
You become a fool:

The days of old
No better than these:

Wisdom is good when connected
Toward the sun:

Wisdom means life
G*d’s work is good
You might not straighten out the crooked
You straighten out yourself:

In G*d’s eyes
A day of good
A day of adversity
The same:

After Me
What will you find?

I have seen everything in these days of a breath
Righteous perish
Evil prosper:

Don’t be so righteous
Think it through and
Let G*d be G*d:

Wisdom gives strength to the wise
More than all the big shots
And you’re not such a big shot yourself:

What was is far away
Laid deep
Who can find it?

I look with my heart
I have found with my heart
Said Kohelet
Add one to another:

What my soul sought —
A man
A woman;

I found
I did not find:

G*d made me straight
With crookedness:

Chapter 8

Who knows the meaning of a thing
Wisdom lights up your face:

I am ready
Give me the commandment of the King concerning
The oath of G*d:

Stand in front of G*d
Don’t say anything:

Know time and justice
You have no notion of what will be:

I saw all this
I gave myself to the work under the sun:

I saw them all come and go
They will be forgotten in the city
This too is a breath:

There is a breath on the earth
Good suffer Wicked prosper
I say, this too is a breath:

I raise joy
There is nothing better under the sun
Eat drink be merry
To Be accompanied all the days G*d has given
Under the sun:

I won’t find it
The deed done under the sun
What it means
What a wise person claims to know —
I can’t find it:

jsg, usa