Kohelet, chapters 4, 5, 6

Chapter 4

I returned and saw them
Suffering under the sun
Without consolation:

I praised the dead
More than the living;

And the future
Praised them too
Before pessimism:

I saw the foolishness of all our work
And envy
Un-such and frustration:

We are consuming ourselves
I returned and saw

More un-such
One somebody else
Is better than none:

If you fall
Fall up

If you fall down
Lift someone up:

I saw all the living who walk under the
Sun; no end to the people I saw —

All un-such and frustration:

Clean off your feet when you enter the House of G*d
At least you came:

Chapter 5

Keep your mouth shut
The voice of fools full of words
Better not to speak at all

Than to promise and not fulfill
You have dreams
Full of un-such:

Just love G*d
And fight the good fight
There’s what to do:

I have seen some evil under the sun;

You leave the way you came in
Be with someone
Get out of the dark and lose that face:

I saw some good
And beauty
When hungry eat
When thirsty drink:

Enjoy the days you have been given
It’s a gift from G*d:

Your days are few
G*d Is:

Chapter 6

I have seen an evil under the sun
A sickness to the soul:

A person of good circumstances
Never satisfied
Comes in with un-such
Goes out in darkness:

A person who knows darkness
Misses the sun
Darkness covers everything:

The pleasures we work for —

What is wisdom?
Better that a person sees
Un-such and frustration increases —

Dog us under the sun
What is good –
Who knows?

We are followed by shadows
And who knows the future —
Under the sun:

jsg, usa