Kohelet, chapter 3

Chapter 3

Every time
A season
A Thing under heaven:

A time to dance a time to pinch
A time to tent a time not to tent
A time to wear beads a time to wear cravats
A time to carry a cane

A time to eat pizza
A time for silence

A time to drink water and to change your shoes

A time to watch an F-15 take off
A time to watch one land

A time to build tonka toys

Something learned at 60
Missed at 20

A time to walk backwards

A time for Source
A time for derivatives

A time for singing and
A time for singing

A time for sweets
And teas from the mountains
Fredericks from Hollywood

I saw G*d
Who made everything

Made human being beautiful
And effortlessly

Always empty
There is nothing better than

I saw good and not-good
And I said:

It’s not my business how G*d
Wants the world

Who knows the heart of another?
What I think of you is
None of your business

What you think of me –
None of my business

And there is nothing more
Than happiness

jsg, usa