The Great Listening, No. 9

The Great Listening [spoken on Yom Kippur]

I climb up that large ayin
slide down the big dalet
can I be a witness
I turn it in dyslexia
plow the language like a palindrome
Da’ – know.

I climb up the Hebrew running right to left
jump it back left to right
let all directions rocket into the ascent of letters
into Da’ – knowing:

HaShem Eloheinu
HaShem Echad

G*d is one
G*d alone
only Go*d
lonely G*d.

Tell G*d in your prayers to lose that loneliness
— we are witnessing;
at least along for the ride
trying to know something
when knowing is not everything.

O holy G*d

We are trying to do something
after all.

[Oh, that Name —
That Name

jsg, usa