Ten pieces ten days no.2

O Heavens O Earth

Give ear O heavens
And I will speak
Listen earth
To the words of my mouth

I stood on a rock
With You
You were wrapped
In a tallit of light
And there I was given forgiveness
For all of us

When I came down the mountain
My face was fire
And on that fire
A mask

If we believe in justice
It is a double course justice
If we believe compassion
There is no stranger
Or we are all strangers
Not just then
But always

If we believe in good
Then there is good
And only good

You are endlessly forgiving
When will You abandon us –

jsg, usa

We were debating how to bring everyone into the camp
when Blue said, there is no one outside the camp tonight,
there is no other, no them, only us – all of us – within.