Master of All the Words

Master of all the words,

We are breaking in on the year 5773
since the Creation of the world
as we reckon time –

in our language of acronym secrets clues and anagrams
the year 5773 corresponds to TaSH-‘Ag*
Tih’yeh sh’nat ‘Iyyun Gimmul

Focus on giving
or focus on the Gimmel
may it come to us for the good.

Last year was the year of the bet
bet – two – I am dual but integrating
I am the first letter of the holy wisdom
and I am opening onto everything that follows.

Bet – two the implied hostility
I am also the house
the image of an integrated Spirit
having passed the isolation Of the mountaintop
And the dependency of the Field —
I am integrated into the Home.

The home my Sanctuary
The meeting of the upper waters And the lower waters
And the home — The bayit

Is me.

Bet is also the power of blessing: Berakhah.

This year: the gimmel —
all the mystery 3’s
integrating power of the third column
moderating the two columns of Thesis and

The column of balance and Synthesis.

Now look at the gimmel
See its pursuit of the letters that follow —
It is running ratz also ratzon
Will. Desire.

The inevitable run and return
We are close we are far —
We are returning.
The inevitable hendiadys of human approach: Close And Far.

We return.

Master of all the worlds,
we need it and we need it now —
Balance Middle road Integrating center Synthesis.

From the running away of the last year
bring us close in return this year —

Closer closer
this year
the year of the gimmel —

the balance between the extremes
the pursuit of the center –

Ascent always on the spiral of the years —


jsg, usa

* Above is something interesting, a poem based on many sources, but the
basic source is the fact that the year be are entering is called in
Hebrew TaSH-‘Ag, an acronym that corresponds to 5773.

We play a word game with language, here game is something serious but it has an aspect of play. Every year’s acronym means something. **

Last year: may it be the year of the sign of the bet (the last
letter of the acronym), and I analyzed the bet in both its form (opening) and its meaning (the house). Last year may not have reached our loftiest aspirations.

This year, I took the gimel in content also in its form – running, pursuit of the elusive peace, balance, integration, and most of all the letters that follow, this pursuit of creativity through the tools: words.

**All signs are significant. B.T. Horayot 12a, Keritot 6a

jsg, usa