It’s On Fire. 9.11

From Isaiah 31

Woe to those who go down to the narrows for help and who rely on horses,
they trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen
because they are strong, and they did not turn to the Holy One
and did not seek out God.

But God is also wise.
The Narrows is humanly and not-God.
And their horses are of flesh and not spirit.
This is what God said to me: just as a gathering of shepherds
is not frightened by the voice of predators —

The Holy One will descend and do battle God’s way
Like flying birds so will God protect us
protect and rescue us, pass over and deliver us.

Return to the One from whom you have turned away
for on that day everyone will despise
their false gods of silver and false gods of gold
which your hands have made for you in sin —

This is the word of God, it’s on fire, it’s like a furnace.

jsg, usa