Gigs part 2: Teachers, Inspirations, Influences

Teachers, Inspirations, Influences part 2

The gigs and teachings were wonderful. I ended up throwing away a lot of my papers. When I disappear, I will disappear into papers and my footprint will be very small. Smaller now that I’ve sold/given away all my boots.

The boots were given to a good cause. I took the money from the boots and the gigs and gave them to two worthy efforts in the Land I am personally connected to; something will come of it, and if not, something will come of it.

There is always a something; the nature of that something may not be within my perimeter but it’s always something. Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep there is a game on television: is it something? I laugh; it’s always something, the world there to parse. What is it? Would be a better game: what is it? We will never exhaust our interpretations.

I had the greatest time away this summer, many fine gigs, a holy fall through the health/illness continuum to a place where the best had to be made and it turned out better. Still walking with cane but it has become fashion and everyone helps me around. I also move slower which is good for me because I am generally falling up steps moving too fast. Dropped some poundage beneath the suits and everyone compliments me on my clothes which is delighting my mother to no end in the Next World. In my sixties I am growing up and in.

I am eager for the next chapter; the material given to me has been very strong and voluminous. I feel them all speaking through me, all of them who have showed up in my little life. I owe them everything.

jsg, usa