Always on the Midbar

On the way West, I revisited the place in my soul where I left one midbar/desert for another. It was from there I left for Jerusalem and I suppose entered the great adventure of my life. You couldn’t get there from here, I might have thought, I was so far away from the Jerusalem in my heart when I lived on the midbar in the great American West. As my teacher used to say, I mutated out of my life there.

I did my gigs on the desert of the United States of America and the response was oversize enthusiastic. I spoke nothing about my own journey that came from here to here, as they say in the language of the soul, because it’s all here. Wherever you go, there you are. So much true.

Still, I have been some places and I kept that secret wisdom within but it expressed in my voice and teachings. As always, I honored my teachers, inspirations, influences. I spoke about them and indirectly about the me they created. I told no jokes.

There was much sharing in private conversations. I have history there, but not much the same from then to now except the root human experiences that sustain throughout the changes of life.

All the time accompanied by my oldest child, how privileged I feel. Sometime I feel I am writing so I don’t forget the wonder.

The morning before I left I prayed with the Yemenite, Persian, French, Israeli, Sephardic Jewish community there on the midbar. I prayed for the souls of Lillian Ben-Zion and Rose Bilbool. That night, in concert, I gave back some of what I’ve learned from them.

jsg, usa