Blessing [from Re’eh]

I will bless you and keep you as the written laws and the unwritten ones,
the ones that I have spoken and the ones you have interpreted, laws and the statutes, universals, and the inferred rules — I will bless you with them
and you will keep them because you live with the life of all Life.

You will be a kingdom of priests and a holy people. Priest kings,
holy men and women, in other words, men and women of flesh and bone.

I will bless you and increase you as the earth, as the sands of the seashore
as the sea, look at the algae now and the horseflies buzzing around your face,
I will make you as great as the algae, as the grasshoppers.

Look up now to the sky, you will be as great as the stars,
as the darkness too, you will be as great as the darkness,
as the sand and the sea and the stars, the mud and the dark and the green,
the sticky stuff on the surf, the early rains and the later rains,
the mud and the mud the green the sand the dark.

You will be a blessing, as great as the dark as the sea the sand the green.

I will restore the broken vav in briti shalom,
the covenant of peace, a covenant of salt to preserve and protect.

When you dream you will dream up. Look up —
you will become as great as the stars. Look down, you will see before you.

You will be blessed with both – the world as delivered to your understanding
and your slant individuality.

You will be a blessing — attached to the life of all lives,
heart of the world, essence to essence.

Now listen. Cover your eyes.

Now take out the I’s entirely, pray –

the covenant of peace
we need it


jsg, usa