Vision 1

Shabbat Chazon the necessity to read the vision of Isaiah
on the Shabbes before Tisha B’Av
God gives us the remedy before the malady
Built in — this curative wisdom is built in before it’s prescribed
the vision before the fall
the hope before the destruction,

I can’t find the blessing in it
he said to me over a cup of Joe
this always the problem in suffering
or in waiting or in frustration
I can’t find the blessing in it.

On this the Shabbes before the 9th of Av
we recall the destruction of the Temples
even on Tisha B’Av there is a buried holiness and seed for hope.

Shabbat Chazon
Chazon: read the vision of Isaiah
The future Jerusalem — rebuilt, strong,
Built on resolution of the mistakes of the past.

From R. Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev —
The Shabbes of vision –
Third Temple
you can see it.

Feel this: always on the Shabbes just before Tisha B’Av
Black fast
Preceded by Chazon/Vision
The holy Temple rebuilt
The redemption we pray for daily.

Feel this: the proximity of what saves and what corrupts

Feel this: the vision of an ascendant future and the losses of the past

Feel this: the proximity of ascent and descent

Feel this: what purifies what defiles

Feel this: for every descent
A hidden ascent —

Something purifying out of exile
Something pure emerging out of suffering
Shabbat Chazon: a vision of ascent out of descent.

I found the blessing in it
Do you feel it?

Devarim Shabbat Chazon/Vision

Maqam Hijaz

According to one source, all other instances of maqam hijaz, it is mixed with maqam bayat.
Only Shabbat Devarim, Shabbat Chazon [Shabbat of Vision] does hijaz appear in its pure form.

A maqam is a musical figure. Each Shabbat is associated with a particular maqam.
Maqam Hijaz D [1/2] E-flat 1 ½] F# [ 1/2] G