Prayer on a Conjunction

Prayer on a Conjunction

Hey Pinchas —
The vav in shalom seems so broken right now
K’TIA! I holler. [K’tia = broken]

Remember the perfect vav before its brokenness
the sign of connection.
Sometimes I feel so hollow and broken too
K’tia! on me.

Restore me because I am not [that] broken
use your language to integrate —
the power of blessing.

Use your words to make peace out of the pieces
lift up the lower union to join the upper union
that’s vav in its complete form
the connector.

It connects in form
up and down the straight line vav
heaven to earth
the vertical link.

It connects in context
the horizontal, the holy and
vav ha-chibur
the vav meaning and
the most conjunctive humble word.

Pinchas – fix that vav
restore the brokenness between us
within us
the and
the vertical
this will be your priest-man.

Oh priesliness fix it all
if you can’t I will
I’m working on it
me and all my pals
we are whole and ready
deputize us.

I’m trying to end this prayer
but I can’t.
I’m waiting for new language
something horizontal [vertical too]
relational connective
the repair of the near and the repair of the far
suggesting something entirely new out of the old might rise
something like –



james stone goodman*

*I am no Pinchas
maybe the son of a Pinchas