Small alef; poetry Balak 1


I don’t think he was a magician or a sorcerer either
though Joshua did [Joshua 13:22]
— not magic we are yearning for
we are waiting for science
we are yearning for discovery,

my daughter told this to the guys in the legislature
but they do not think that far
they don’t see the future
and they have false certainty about the past –

when it’s time when it’s time
they will never get that.

It’s always God’s time don’t they know?

Aha – God says –
we built it in at the beginning
it was created [as it were] to appear in its time [Avot 5:9]
and you will not interfere with that
here it comes
I have made miracles already,

[Whisper] I’ll see you in the future.

Small alef; poetry Balak 1

Maqam Mahour*, similar to Maqam Rast
except the upper tetrachord is Ajam.

Every Shabbat has a particular maqam associated with it.
Maqam cognate to Maqom
Signifying Place.

C [1] D [3/4] E half-flat [3/4] F G [1] A [1] B [1/2] C

Rast on C Ajam on G

*Mahour means disappointment or anger,
it is used only twice a year,
on Shabbat Toldot and Balak.
On Toldot, Esau is disappointed,
on parshat Balak, the king Balak.