I Think He Was A Real Prophet

I Think He Was a Real Prophet

I think he was a real prophet, Bilaam [Sifre on Deut. 357]
though I don’t think he spoke God
that is — he didn’t bless he didn’t curse
he didn’t have the power of either — [Meam Loez]

words in that way do not curse
there is no such power
(still — we will defeat ourselves if left alone).

— nor did he have the power to bless
we were already blessed! [Meam Loez]

Something missing in his vision don’t you know
he was blind in one eye [Numbers 24:3 and Sanh. 15a]
he was missing the eye that sees his own smallness,

with his good eye he saw the greatness of God
— he was that kind of prophet. [Hacohen al HaTorah, v.4, p.115]

Maqam Mahour, similar to Maqam Rast
except the upper tetrachord is Ajam.

Every Shabbat has a particular maqam associated with it.
Maqam cognate to Maqom
Signifying Place.

C [1] D [3/4] E half-flat [3/4] F G [1] A [1] B [1/2] C

Rast on C Ajam on G