the Ramban, pt. 2

He wrote often to his children —
May God bless you, my son Nachman,
and may you see the good city of Jerusalem,
and may you see your children’s children.
And may your table be as the table
of our father Abraham and our mother Sarah.

He spent three years in Jerusalem before he died.
Though he wrote his son that he was leaving for Hevron
to prepare a grave for himself in the place of his ancestors —
the precise place of his burial is not known.
Some say Aco, some Jerusalem,
some Hevron, some Tiberias.

Before he left Spain
one of his students asked him —
how will we know when you have departed this earth?

On the day of my death, a crack will appear in the stone
over the grave of my mother, of blessed memory.
This will be the sign that I have passed away.

Four years after his death, his students noticed such a crack
and it was not until that day

did they mourn the death of their teacher.

jsg, usa