Small alef; poetry Chukkat 3

Sacred Load

The mystery rule of the guidebook –
paradox of purification
the very preparation defiles —

Then the death of Miryam
the removal of the well that followed us
forty years Wilderness wandering
Miryam inhaled into the mouth of G*d
do we mourn the absence of sustenance now?
The water that followed us the well that accompanied us
And the Wilderness —

We are moving over the thresholds with sustenance
With sensual intimacy
the stories that settle —

They may converge
they may not –

At night you know
you understand them you do —

We are always waiting
for sustenance
the righteous ones all of them
they may return to us someday —

Manage the sacred load we carry
assist anyway
they purify
so we remember them
the bearers of recoverable wisdom —

Sustaining like Miryam’s well of water
like the water
like Miryam herself.

jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Chukkat 3

Maqam Hoseini
D [1/2] E flat [1] F [1] G

Every portion has a musical figure,
A maqam
Arabic cognate to maqom
Signifying Place.