Small alef; poetry 3 Korach

You Have Taken Too Much Upon

You have taken too much upon yourselves
the entire congregation is holy —
We will see, said our teacher.

The earth opened her mouth and swallowed them
Korach and all of them
his challenge was personal
not principled.

O holy God of Shabbes inspiration Korach
Grant me the presence of mind
To discern a legitimate argument
From an illegitimate argument

When to insist when not to insist

When to resist –

When to wait.


Small alef; poetry Korach
Maqam Nahawand
C D E flat F

Every Shabbat is characterized by a maqam
A musical figure
Hebrew cognate maqom
Signifying Place.

Numbers 16:3, 5, 31
Avot 5:9