Small alef; poetry 2 Korach

The Right Time

Joseph hid three treasures in Egypt
one was revealed to Korach
one revealed to Antoninus son of Asviros
and one hidden away for the righteous
in the world to come.
[BT, Pesachim 119a]

I showed this to my friend the surgeon
technology where there is no technology
stem cells
the arc of discovery that we follow with hope
the saving of lives in ways we cannot quite yet imagine

The world is spinning fast fast
and what we know will catch up
out-spin the world in the future
then we will know what we could not know
the right time the right time –
the mouth of the earth will open
and we will assume

Soon — the hidden moon
concealing the future
all the hidden possibilities that could save one of us
or all of us
some day.

Small alef; poetry Korach

Maqam Nahawand
C [1] D [1/2] E flat [1] F
Every Shabbat is characterized by a maqam
A musical figure
Hebrew cognate maqom
Signifying Place.