Small alef; Mystery Blue Shelach 3

Mystery Blue

Conclude with the mystery blue
within the fringes on our garments —
a thread of blue
[to look and remember]
the blue came up once every seventy years —
until recently.
Nowadays I carry it around in my bag.

A minority story saves us
a thread of blue reminds us now and again:

There were twelve
ten of them were full of **it
one of them laid flat down on the graves of the ancestors
got strong there
brought another one in —

From the future
we prefer
the minority report
because it’s true.

jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Shelach

Maqam* Hijaz
D [1/2] E-flat [1] F# [1/2] G

*a maqam is a musical figure, a partial scale,
a modal form, cognate of the Hebrew Makom, signifying place.
Each Shabbat has a maqam associated with it.