How To Build an Oud

How To Build An Oud

Take strips of fine wood
Pass on the indigenous Mediterranean woods
They are not fine enough
Go west and find guitar woods
The curly maples
The Brazilian rosewoods
An old teacher next to the desert
Is warehousing wood away
He will sell it to you
If you convince him you have the eastern
To translate his western guitar woods.

Heat up the wood and stretch them over a
A large gourd.

Place inside the sound space —
The sound of hooves from a distance
The sand flying in your face
The crack of a tree before it falls into water
The buzz of insects at night.

Let the wood breathe enough
Before you cover the sound holes
With filigreed mosaics —

Or put nothing over the holes
And with you ear —

Listen to the belly of your instrument
For its beating


jsg, usa