Small alef; poetry Naso 1

O holy God of the three fold blessing
brought down by the truthful linguist on Sukkot
pores to spread out means to choose a partial
opening onto the whole
the individual as it opens onto the universal
the universal always sheleimut shalom
l’sem lekha shalom
to bring the blessing from the individual instance
to the universal application
the conduit from the one to the many.

Connecting blessing with wholeness with individuality
with blessing the power of the upper root descends
descends on the lower root on the individual on the instance
the upper root the anchoring above
roots above, so to speak.

The inner point of truth
this is shleimut shalom
the inner is experienced in the universal
wherever G*d dwells
there is blessing
wherever there is blessing
there is shalom.

The many crystalled net
each facet reflecting the whole
spread over us
the wild ride from the one to the Universal
the universal grasp of HaKol
the wild ride from here to There
Everything –

I hear Dr. Lehman dripping words
HaKol Pleroma the All
about that you can say too much —


jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Naso
Maqam Saba

D E half-flat F G flat