The Elevator

The Elevator

The door opens
Every 19 years
The elevator operator
With whom
Would you like to learn

Choose Bar Yochai
Or the prophet Elijah
Who taught the holy Ari
Or the holy Ari
Who learned with
Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Or Luzzatto the Italian
Who memorized all the teachings
Of the Ari
When Luzzatto was 14

Or the Baal Shem Tov
Who was tutored in secret
By other Baal Shems
Until he was 36

Or Miss Mill
The 4th grade teacher
Who taught respect
And to create
Out of sadness

From the holy Ari
Learn to read out
And hands
To know faces
Especially when they

From the Baal Shem Tov
How to make sense –
And prescribe remedies

From Bar Yochai
How to occupy yourself
With the needs of others
How to be a good student
For your teachers
A good teacher
For your

From the prophet Elijah
Learn Readiness

From Abraham
Isaac and Jacob
Learn to pray at different
Times of Day

To spend a time
With Harry
Who will teach again
To be enchanted
By everything