O holy men and women of flesh and bone

If [Im] you follow my laws (Bechukotai)
Hkk the root
The kind of laws that are beyond nature so to speak
These are the laws of God
The consequences for not walking by them?
That’s the verb — walking — [Leviticus 26:3]
The consequences for not walking by them
Are worldly catastrophic
The rains will not fall in their seasons
The earth will crack
It will get hot everywhere
The poles will melt
And we may not be saved —

Because we violated the
Secret Hidden Contract
Between human being-li-ness
And God-li-ness
The world broke apart
And we had been warned.

But if we do
If [Im]
If we honor and walk and keep and protect
Then nature will respond with order
We will be grateful for keeping this mysterious law of God
Familiar to everyone on the planet
Though none of us can say just What
That law is.

We all know the world is Cracked
But we don’t know

Maqam Saba or Nawa
Saba: D E half-flat F G flat

Nawa: C D E flat F sharp G

jsg, usa