(O My Dears)

O my dears

An interior picture in words and pictures we draw of your life as we live a prayer dedicated to your legacy; what endures.

Be a guide for us, for your family, be an angel for your loved ones as your loved ones were angels for you. Maybe you can send a sign — try something large —

or send another sort of sign something specifically you, send it over the divide
we’ll know it when we see it; we’ll recognize your style.

O my dear ones

We who joined you on your journey for a time in this life, mourning now your passing in the way life or God or nature or whatever it is we believe in writes our story.

Your goodness extends over the divide — more than memory — though memory is a blessing; we who survive you carry the lessons of your life in our lives,

We will have to live somewhat for you and for all the heroic co-travelers on our way, whose lives we know from the inside out.

And when you die we die some too, and when we live — you live some too.

jsg, usa