Small alef; poetry Pekudei 1

Our Teacher Is Smart

The attention to details
as they were given according to the command
of our teacher.

But our teacher didn’t know what to do
he needed the artist
who was born with his sleeves rolled up
bearer of tools.

And then there was God of course
who imagined the design of the Sanctuary
all the aspects of the Upper World created in the Lower World –

God showed it to our teacher
who couldn’t see the pattern.

And see that you make it after the pattern,
God said,
it’s there — on the mountain.

Oh the pattern,
our teacher said.

The Holy One took him by the hand
showed him every detail from the Upper form
after which our teacher built it in the earthly form.

It was shown through a dark glass
as it were
a reflection of all the parts
as it existed in the Highest Form.

Our teacher was again confused
so God said,
trust your intuition.
Follow your inclinations here,
that’s what I do.

Our teacher, lured by perfectability
created it out of all his imperfections –

God, as they say, gave him permission
[that’s all he needed]
to make it imperfect but with the right supernal pattern in mind.

The other Houses were destroyed
but the Sanctuary always


jsg, usa

Small alef; poetry Pekudei 1
Maqam Nawa C D E-flat F sharp