Raza the Secret of Purim

The Secret of One and Many
Confirmed and accepted,
Esther 9:27

A day like Purim
is Yom Kippur,
all our prayers are given in we,
the communal atonement.

On Purim,
we removed the obstacles,
became masters of the masks,
the surfaces released
and God appeared everywhere,
the unexpressed everything.

We are one with each other,
this is our joy.

Because of what happened to us,
we confirmed and accepted,
kimu v’kiblu*
singular and plural.

That’s why Yom Kippur is a day like Purim.
On Yom Kippur we diminished it,
on Purim,
we increased our joy
by becoming one,
with each other.

Soon –
we will become one
with ourselves.

jsg, usa