Small alef; poetry Come In

Why We Had to Leave Pharaoh

The locusts begin,
brought in by an east wind (Ex. 10:13)
carried away by a west wind (10:19).

The wind blows both east and west for us.
East wind: the silent heart of wisdom
unreflective, the seamless embrace —

Before language
chochmah; aha —
the heart’s deep wisdom.

West wind: self conscious spirit of inquiry
conceptualization language

West wind
conscious, linear

East wind
Intuitive, lateral

Chochmah and binah
right and left sides —
both winds blow through our camp.

Western branches eastern roots –
a tree of life.

Union sheleimut; shalom
the integrating dream —
every shabbat a cosmic union.

Par’oh; to rend, to split —
the separator

Separate from the Other Side
the side of separation
and that’s why

we had to leave Pharaoh —
to become one
with ourselves.

jsg, usa
maqam sigah
parshat Bo