After the Weekend

After the weekend
We were talking
Pharaoh had a few questions for me
I answered them the best I could
Buying and selling in a daily schedule
Gauging the market
The obvious buy low sell high, etc.,

I spoke about wanting to return home
Because the buffet
At Pharaoh’s affair
Was meat meat
I have a softness for the misunderstood beasts
I would never think of eating one
We owe the working animal so much
Her willingness to serve —

We turned to the personal matters.

The women and the conspiracies
The desperation of flotation devices
Concealing our real motives and desires
The hunger within for competence
And primacy
Of course love —

Filling the unformed and empty
With love.

We discussed first the market
Then the family
Then the personal

We were about to arrive at politics
At the intersection

Wait – let me make a list.
I took out a stylus, a fine one made in Babylonia,
And I made a list.

These are the problems I will solve first\second, etc.

Let me take these one by one
And I began to repair each broken shard of the world.

— Joseph