small alef; poetry Miketz 4

Kislev; month of dreams
Joseph the bridge person —
between patriarchs and tribes,

the harvester
the one who harvests events
for meaning.

He has become more

I don’t interpret dreams —
God does,
he says.

Still, his gift gives him power
even if it is only the power of memory —

I remember dreams,
he says, [42:9]

[that he dreams at all
means he’s sleeping well]

the rest of us are fidgeting in bed
Joseph; part prophet

Dreaming; 1/60th of prophecy anyway,
with the need for prophecy these days,

1/60th is nothing to sneeze at.

jsg, usa

small alef; poetry
Maqam* Sigah, tri-chord:
e half-flat f g