The Life of Sarah

From Chayei Sarah – the life of Sarah

What unfinished in the living
Abraham is working out in the dying —
I will give you everything you ask for [Gen. 23:9]
it’s not about the land.

What happened to our family?
Sarah wonders
not a duplication of strategies —
independent responses to difficult problems.

So much patch-up to do
no hope of resolution without a unified strategy.
Abraham comes alone to deal for the grave
bury his wife and cry for her,

a river of tears will be spilled over this land
but here
it’s not about land —

This family
something unfinished

Though Isaac and Ishmael
come together once more
to bury their father Abraham — [25:9]

And Rebecca is born before Sarah dies [22:23]
she will be the healing: the next generation
God provides the refuah
the healing
before the illness [makah]
the healing will come from the future.

Days will come to Abraham
when he will be granted a vision of the All [Gen.24:1]
and long into the future
the generations of Abraham Sarah and Rebecca
will draw a line in the sand and say —

this stops here.

jsg, usa


Ha Kadosh Barukh Hu makdim refuah l’makah
G-d provides the healing before the hurt

— Chazal