What Do We Know About Beginnings and Ends

This is the beginning and the end
As if the linear does not apply
It’s a circle a cycle a spiral
We ascend with the ending of one chapter
We begin another
The end implies the beginning
By the beginning we are not naïve to the end.

Ouroboros, the self-devouring serpent
By Plato the first living being
Turn it and turn it
For everything is contained within
By Yochanan Ben Bag Bag
Who knew the chambers of the Torah
Chambers of the heart.

There is a life force
A point existing within each thing
A sign of divine origin
When you attach to this point
You become partners in creation
Ha-chayot she-m’cha-yeh chol davar
The life force that enlivens every single thing.

You who attach to it
Ha-adam ha-di-buk b’ne-ku-dah zeh
A human being who becomes glued to this point

When we meet
We are bonded

I belong
to you —

You belong
to me.

jsg, usa