The Thing of the Joy

The Thing of the Joy

To David a song
first the Shekhinah came and sat on his shoulder
then David sang and played flat out on that axe of his too

A song to David
first David started to scat
THEN the Shekhinah came and kissed his face

so sweet he sang the secret bird
song of King Solomon
who knew the

Shekhinah will not descend
when there is laziness or sadness
silliness light talk but

when there is joy
the deep joy of the mitzvah
then WOW your mind Is Blown like

when the slow hand player came to play
the hand of God came
UPON him

I heard this when the wind
came and blew through David’s singing
harp one midnight in the palace of the King

jsg, usa

LeDavid mizmor – the Shekhinah rested upon him and then he uttered the song,
Mizmor leDavid — he lifted up his voice in song first, and then the Shekhinah
descended upon him afterwards. The Shekhinah rests upon a person neither
when there is laziness, sadness, laughter, levity or idle talk, but where there is a
thing of the joy of the mitzvah. — BT Pesachim 117a